Teeth Whitening FAQ

Before/AfterDoes teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is possible during the in-office whitening treatment and up to 24 hours after the procedure. It can be easily managed with OTC medications, such as Advil or Tylenol, if the need arises. Our patients with extremely sensitive teeth reported great results with using Sensodyne or other toothpaste for sensitive teeth during one week before the whitening procedure.  Gingival and lip barriers are placed to protect the gums to limit sensitivity while giving great results.

Why does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

When whitening your teeth, the teeth become more porous, exposing micro tubules within the teeth. These tubules are microscopic channels that send signals through the tooth. Usually within a couple of days, the minerals on your teeth are restored and symptoms resolve. Whitening is not damaging for your teeth.

What is better for whitening my teeth? Zoom or Glo?

Both are exceptional whitening tools. Our dentist will recommend you which way to go.  Both systems are utilizing the same ideas and mechanisms, the differences are the ease of application, needed results, and possible sensitivity.

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