Guided Dental Implant Surgery in Queens, NY

Dental implants are a tooth replacement treatment that fully restores the function of one or more missing teeth. The procedure involves replacing the roots of a missing tooth with a titanium implant that supports a porcelain crown. At Renaissance Dental, Dr. Pelts uses a state-of-the-art computer-guided implant placement system to achieve superior surgical and aesthetic results with less time in surgery.

What is “guided dental implant surgery?”

Guided dental implant surgery uses cutting-edge 3D imaging technology and precision machinery to place implants accurately and efficiently. Implant procedures require less time than the traditional surgical method with advanced dental technology. In part, this is thanks to Dr. Pelts gaining a more detailed and accurate picture of a patient’s mouth.

What are the benefits of guided implant surgery?

The precise imaging and guidance accomplish what would traditionally take several appointments in a single surgical procedure. Patients walk into our office with their old teeth and walk out with a brand-new smile later that day.

Accuracy and Precision

Our system features a cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) scanner. The CBCT scanner evaluates bone mass and vital structures to find a suitable location and successful placement of the implant. It also creates a surgical template to help Dr. Pelts place implants in the best positions to avoid possible complications.

Reduces Risks

The computer-guided implant system enables Dr. Pelts to customize your treatment on a highly detailed level. Traditional dental implant procedures have a 97% success rate, and computer-guided surgical technologies actively minimize the possibility of complications arising during the operation and post-surgical.

Detailed Information

A CBCT scanner produces detailed scans of your oral structure that helps Dr. Pelts plan and execute dental implant placement procedures with precision and accuracy. The system also creates scans that assist in explaining the surgical process while addressing the details of a patient’s case.

Comfortable and Convenient Experience

Our guided implant system provides patients with a more convenient and comfortable experience during and after surgery. The advanced scanning technology creates an impression of your teeth and oral structure without using a physical mold. The scanner’s high accuracy eliminates guesswork, so patients have full dental function immediately following the procedure.

Superior Aesthetic and Functional Results

Renaissance Dental proudly guarantees superior aesthetic and functional results using the computer-guided dental implant system. It assists Dr. Pelts in finding the best placement for the correct type of implant in the least amount of time. We are proud to offer the most advanced dental treatments to create the most enjoyable and satisfying experience possible for every patient.

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